An Overview of Project: Apollo

To start with, I’d like to lay down my vision statement and some of the major tenets of design for this project (or guiding principles, if you will). These points should help focus direction and guide tough decisions down the right path.

Project: Apollo connects users easily to their media and simplifies management of large, complex collections of media.

Project: Apollo is a learning experience, first and foremost.

The personal and professional gains to be had from seeing out a project of this size and scope are well beyond any short-term plans for entrepreneurialism.

Project: Apollo is designed with future standards in mind.

The goal is to discover what is possible with new tech, not work within the bounds of old tech.

Project: Apollo places the highest possible value on the user experience.

And the experience must be fast. And clean. And simple. And powerful. It is important that new users are just as comfortable as seasoned veterans.

Project: Apollo should be familiar.

Re-inventing the wheel is not a goal or a priority. However, innovation where necessary is perfectly acceptable.

Project: Apollo is about intelligent design.

The user is not stupid. Functionality should work for the user, rather than having the user work for functionality.

Project: Apollo is simple and focused on a single problem.

Stay focused on this problem and solve it well. Apollo is not intended to be a “push-button, do everything” solution nor a buzzword mashup.

Key Features and Functions

  • Browser-based, supporting Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3+, Chrome 5+, Internet Explorer* 8+, and iPad browsers. Native iOS applications are planned.
  • Supports both streaming and downloading of content in a user’s library.
  • Supports playlists with play one, play all, repeat and shuffle modes.
  • Comprehensive library browsers, including: by artist, by album, by genre, by song, by ranking and by year.
  • Support for album artwork and related media.
  • Support for MP3, MP4, AAC, and WAV audio.
* Support insofar as is reasonably possible. I refuse to let Internet Explorer cause me grief or frustration.

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