Project: Apollo Pre-Alpha Update

I just posted a refresh of the Project: Apollo pre-alpha technical demo. No promises about the reliability of different browsers at this point, but observe:

Key Features to Note

  1. Portions of the UI have been built and are functional
  2. You can’t see it or manipulate it, but there is a playlist engine running with two tracks programmed in
  3. Abstracted audio rendering engine is working; the system will choose the best way to play audio based on your browser and the media you want to play*
  4. Keyboard shortcuts! Try [space] to toggle play/pause, [,] to skip back and [.] to skip forward; [v] toggles a visualizer, but it’s currently disabled

Of the sample audio, the first track is in Ogg Vorbis format and relies on HTML5 <audio> tags to render, which will likely only work if you are in Firefox 3.5+, or Chrome 6+. It works in Safari also if you are on a Mac and have the XiphQT components installed for Ogg media. The second track is in MP3 which should work in all browsers since it currently defers to the Flash implementation which most browsers can handle.

Please don’t be shy to leave your comments below!

* This was one of the hardest things to build. There is an enormously complicated permutation set of browsers and the media formats they support. The current options for playing audio are limited to Flash-based engines such as the one provided by Longtail Video, Silverlight by Microsoft, or native HTML5 audio tags. I’ve implemented all but the Silverlight option up to now. I haven’t setup any rules telling the engine when to use what implementation yet but will soon.

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