What’s Next in Apollo?

I’ve deployed the first pre-alpha build of Project: Apollo and you can check it out. So what’s next?

Technology Sidetrack

For a little while, I’m going to sidetrack from new features in Apollo to work on the audio/video rendering system. While I’ve got JW Player working decently now, it adds a lot of overhead and if Apollo is going to run on iOS devices, it will need to have an HTML5 implementation. So the next phase of development will be focused on improving the support for multiple rendering engines.

Visual Playlist

Right now the playlist is just a hard-coded demo. Logically, I’ll need to expose it to the user so you have some idea of what’s next in the list. Simple enough.

The Library

Probably the biggest function area is the library. This is where you can store and browse all the media in your library and make playlists and so forth. Details are vague but it will be cool. I promise.